Scholarship Information

NCLGIA provides up to two scholarships per year for local government employees to attend the Cash Management and Investment of Public Funds coursed offered by the School of Government.  The next class will be held in the fall of 2023.  

NCLGIA also offers a first-time attendee scholarship to both the Winter Conference and the Summer Conference, which covers the registration fee and up to two nights hotel accommodations.  Please check under the specific conference event for details on how and when to apply.

Current Events

2023 Winter Conference Agenda


2023 Winter Conference Presentations

Session 1: LGC Update, Dale Folwell, NC State Treasurer & Kendra Boyle, LGC

Session 2: Cash Flow Strategies, Adam Fernbach, Treasury Analyst, Forsythe County

Session 3: Preventative Leadership, Michael Laidler, Author

Session 4: Debt Part 1, Jennifer Wimmer, Local Government Commission

Session 5: Debt Part 2, Lauren Von Bargen, Moody’s

Session 6: Economic Update, Michael Morin & Gary Porter, NCCMT

Session 7: Assessing your Banking Relationship, Dick Long, Valley View Consulting, LLC

Session 8: Risk Management, Tom Anderson, NCLM & Charlie Eaton, NCACC